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Pier - Orange Glow

Pier - Orange Glow

The New Brighton Pier with the orange glowing backdrop that gets us residents out of bed on a beautiful morning. The art piece is made from recycled plastic HDPE. The base is also made in house from MDF board offcuts.After carefully sorting and washing the single use plastic items, we choose the desired colours and melt them in a sandwich press. Mixing the hot plastic by hand creates those interesting colour mixtures and patterns.We then cut out the pieces with our CNC machine and weld those together to a single beautiful piece.We don't use any glue to ensure the plastic is recyclable again in the future. It is screwed to the wood and the screws are easily removable since they are melted onto the plastic.

    Colour: blue, black, white

    Measurements: 355 mm diameter, Depth 16mm


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    All our products are shipped in recycled cardbord and reused bubble wrap.

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