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Keyring - Caravan

Keyring - Caravan


Product Description:


Introducing our Handcrafted Caravan Keyring, a delightful accessory that fuses eco-consciousness with practicality. Each keyring is meticulously crafted from recycled plastic sourced from our local community, highlighting our dedication to sustainability. The keyring features a Caravan and comes in three dominant colors – Red, Blue, or Green.


Key Features:

Eco-Friendly Material: Crafted from community-sourced plastic waste, this keyring promotes environmental conservation and reduces plastic pollution.


Handcrafted with Love: We sort, wash, shred, and melt the plastic, creating unique color patterns. Each keyring is meticulously machined with CNC technology and finished with a craftsman's touch.


Thoughtful Christmas Gift: As the festive season approaches, this keyring makes a meaningful gift for family members, friends, or colleagues. It's a small token of love that reflects your thoughtfulness and eco-consciousness.


Community-Driven Recycling: The recycled plastic used in our keyrings is collected from the local community, supporting sustainable initiatives and contributing to a cleaner environment.





Product Specifications:

Material: Recycled HDPE Plastic (~99% bottle caps)

Keyring Dimensions: Approximately 8-10 mm thick, 80 mm wide, 40 mm high

Ring Diameter: 20 mm

Dominant Color Options: Green, Red, or Blue. Color pattern varies!



Ideal For:

Environmentally conscious individuals

Recycling enthusiasts

Anyone looking for a practical and sustainable house key accessory

Christmas gifts for family, friends, and colleagues



Embrace sustainability with our locally crafted Caravan Keyring, a thoughtful and eco-friendly accessory that carries a message of environmental responsibility. Order yours today and make a difference, one recycled keyring at a time.

Dominant Color
  • Unique Colors, your Choice:

    Each Handcrafted Personalized Name Tag Keyring boasts a unique color pattern.

    For this item, expect Red to be the main hue.
    We also have Green or Blue variations available.


    Love It or Replace It:

    Didn't get the pattern you expected? No worries! Contact us for a hassle-free replacement. Your satisfaction is our priority.

    Note: Replacement requests are accepted within 30 days of delivery.

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